Updated July 8, 2024


André Brocard


A lifelong nature enthusiast, I moved to Lozère in 1998. It was paleontology that brought me here, and I've stayed ever since. Since 2005, I've devoted most of my free time to wildlife photography, here and elsewhere, as I travel. You can see some of the photos in the various galleries.  You'll see only wild animals taken in the wild. If you like an image and want to buy it, remember its name and contact me. You can also see the exhibitions in which I participate and the subject presented. Enjoy your visit... Reproduction forbidden...

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photos taken recently

In Croatia

In Slovenia


Hungry young hoopoe...

snow day

Curious fox at the entrance to its burrow


The village of Aubrac under the snow...

St Guénolé (29 S)

Headlight de Mean Ruz Ploumanac'h (22)